An Honest Look At Myself TLDR: I'm Lazy

Todd Ramsey

Here’s something I know about myself: I hate being blamed for anything. When there’s a buck to be passed, I become Joe Montana (because he was good at passing things). And when it comes to not pursuing the things that I want – writing a book, my personal branding project, a wildly and inexplicably successful YouTube channel – that natural inclination kicks in once again.

I blame fear: What if no one wants to read my book or watch my hilarious, but poignant videos? I blame busyness: I’m the owner of a company that is very busy. Very busy indeed! I blame the brilliance of my ideas: This has to be done right – it’s going to change the face of personal branding and cat videos forever!

But there’s a reality I have to accept: I’m not scared. I’m not too busy. I’m not overwhelmed by the size of my ideas.

I’m lazy.

The problem I have getting started or done doesn’t live outside of me, keeping me from accomplishing my goals. It’s inside of me. It’s me.

So while it may be easy, natural and self-aggrandizing to push the blame somewhere else, I have to get real, honest and inwardly focused if I want to change.

So today, in an effort to combat my laziness I’ve done two things:

1.) Write this thing you’re reading now. I started write a blog post about something else – it was fear-related – and I realized I was talking to myself. I wasn’t writing something that I wanted/needed other people to read. I was writing something I needed to read. Rather than get distracted by the profundity of that realization or something clever on Facebook, I stopped and wrote this. I know, that may not seem significant. But it kind of is.

2.) I signed up for Jon Acuff‘s 30 Day’s of Hustle Challenge. I’ve followed and respected Jon for a while and I’m excited to see how this experience can help me break through. You should sign up, too, if you want.

I don’t really have a conclusion to this, but if there’s something you’re wanting to do and it’s not getting done, maybe the problem is you. I’m not trying to be mean. It’s a legitimate question to consider. And maybe, if you want to change that present reality, you should join me (and Thea) in the 30 Day Challenge. I can’t promise or guarantee that it will change your life (though Jon Acuff might), but maybe, just maybe, it will be one unlazy thing you can do towards achieving your goal.

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An Honest Look At Myself