Searching vs. Creating In Pursuit of Doing

Todd Ramsey

I kind of love looking for WordPress themes. There are so many talented designers out there, who’ve built some really incredible designs that would probably be perfect for my blog. And so I spend hours searching for the perfect look for my site – clearly at the expense of its overall health and well-being. Since launching my original blog in 2005, I’ve probably spent 324% more time making a pretty-looking website than I have generating content for it. And while I’m pretty happy with how it looks today, there is an alarming lack of content to show for it (the site you’re currently looking at is only a few of the posts I’ve written over the years. For the rest, head to

Unfortunately, my blog is just one example of this reality in my life. I’ve researched “which running shoe is best” more than I’ve run in the perfect pair. I’ve pored over reviews for which tent and backpack to buy and not used them once. I’ve scoured the Internet, looking for the perfect to-do list app/tool, and somehow I still struggle to get everything done.

The list goes on.

It’s clear that I enjoy the pursuit more than work. Work takes…well, work. It’s hard, often boring and regularly frustrating. But work is what counts. It’s what matters.

So my hope and aim for the 30 Days of Hustle I’m about to embark on is to do more than search. To write. To film. To create. And at the end, rather than simply having a pretty, empty blog, I’ll have an archive of content – a record of work – that I can build on and be proud of.


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Searching vs. Creating